Boston Globe: Jake Kennedy has ALS. He will fight it with all his might

The Boston Globe’s Kevin Cullen reports on Jake Kennedy’s fight against ALS, and the history of Christmas in the City:

Every year, as the holidays draw near, I write a column about Christmas in the City, the gift to homeless kids and their families that Jake and his wife, Sparky, started in 1989 with a handful of volunteers at their sides and the true meaning of Christmas in their hearts. It is an annual appeal for and celebration of this remarkable feat of compassion and generosity — which this year expects to provide gifts to more than 6,000 homeless children — that I inherited from a previous Globe columnist.

This year was supposed to be special, and even more poignant, because it’s the 30th anniversary of Christmas in the City. But now it’s a different kind of special and achingly poignant because Jake Kennedy, one of the city’s best and most generous human beings, is facing as grave a challenge as any. This, all in the same week that one of the great heroes in the fight against ALS, Pete Frates, goes to his grave.

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